Migrants and IDPs

Hargeisa, Somaliland

The “Republic of Somaliland” proclaimed its independence in 1991 after the outbreak of the civil war. Thus far, it remains unrecognized as an independent republic by both, the Somali Federal Government and the international community. However, now Somaliland has its own constitution and a relatively stable government, which has been recently renewed in the elections of November 2017. It has also received hundreds of thousands of IDPs coming from South Somalia.

In Hargeisa, the capital, Caritas facilitates the education of 40 kids living in two IDP camps: Digaale and Daami, in the outskirts of the city, by providing daily transport, nutrition, books and their monthly fees to attend Salaama School in Hargeisa.

Half of the kids have now passed to third grade and the others to second grade of elementary school. We also provide health assistance to people in need from Daami, mainly to people related to the kids’ families.



Baidoa, South-Central Somalia

Baidoa is a government-controlled city in South-Western Somalia with nearly half million internally displaced people coming from surrounded areas, controlled by Al-Shabab. Baidoa has now more than 300 IDP Camps, mainly overcrowded, with very limited conditions.

Caritas Somalia, in partnership with BREC (Bay Regional Educational Committe) built a school for 50 boys and 50 girls in ABOORE IDP Camp, where we provide temporally education and nutrition.


Bossaso, Puntland

Puntland is a semi-independent region in the North-East area of Somalia, which remains quite stable, although tension and some clashes with Somaliland over the disputed regions in Sool and Sanaag continue.

In one of the main cities, Bossaso, of Caritas  is exploring the possibility of working with women living in a settlement with IDP and migrants aiming to cross Yemen and arrive to Saudi Arabia.